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Howest Imposter

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Disputed member: I don't know?

Thread Link: N/A

Explanation: started a thread about buying NMZ points on my zerk account. Had around 10 people add me and quote me prices etc. Made everyone pm me on here (or so I thought..) ended up buying a halo off Howest for 37m.

was checking the forums today at work and I hadn't heard from him for a few days and I stumbled across another one of his thread stating he only had ONE Skype. -when I realised I'd fucked up-.

imposters Skype: live:howestservice_1

real howest Skype live:howestservice

raised this now so hopefully he is tracked and ip banned, obviously uses the forums

Evidence: 'will be posted when I get home, use of Skype isn't permitted where I work, this is all posted of my mobile'

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He's been banned, he was @tampera666 and @tampera6666 (co-incidentally) this man was banned for being Jamez's impostor.

Guess his scummy ass needs to put food on the table pretty bad.

I cannot stress the importance of all of you confirming on the forums with a PM that you are speaking to the correct person. Make sure you confirm in this simple way:

1) Create a secret code, i.e chocwafflez420 and tell the user you're speaking to on skype to post a pm with that secret code you just said to them in skype

2) Wait for the pm and if the pm is correct you know you're talking to the right person.


Be careful everyone

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