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Extensive Project

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Before you jump into this thread and assume I have no idea how extensive and/or potentially expensive this could be, I am well aware. 


What I would like to be done:


Get my account to 99 in all stats (excluding prayer, slayer, construction, runecrafting, and farming)



  • You must be an experienced service individual who is confident in their ability to complete such an extensive task with exceptional speed and dedication. 
  • The individual must have near full-full game knowledge (i.e. locations, methods, best exp/hr etc)
  • The individual must be experienced in all aspects of servicing. (i.e. minigames, powerleveling, questing etc)
  • If I do not deem you trustworthy enough, you will be required to place a deposit down in order to participate. (for safety purposes, if you decide to bot and get my account banned, I won't be at a total loss)
  • The individual must be willing to screenshare / screenshot at any given moment. Live streaming for certain intervals may be asked. 


Payment method / Pricing: 

I can pay you with PayPal, BTC, Vouchers, Steam Codes, CS GO Skins, 07 GP or RS3 GP. (I can also pay with graphic designs like signatures and thread layouts)

The price is down to you. I would like a price for supplies excluded and included. 

I would also like the potentially discuss payment arrangements. Both for your safety and my own. 

(i.e. 200M a month until price is met) 


Additional Information: 

Contact me by PM here or through the Chatbox. Otherwise, post your skype below along with your prices. :] 



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I'm not going to work out the supplies needed for every skill but I'd do one skill at a time to 99 which you can pay for up front each time once we egret to a price you're happy with paying.


For example.

Fletching. 60 to 99.

Your supplies can either do darts (80m in supplies) or bows. Will discuss price. Get supplies pay me and I'll do it. Then move on to the next stat.


As for speed. I have plenty of time to play rs and don't play any other games at the moment so can just nerd away.


I'm expensive though just saying.


Skype: zerkerosb

Add me to discuss further

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