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Lord Charlie

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hi ,

i brought a account from @Arcus around a year ago, and now the account is Locked, i have tried recovering my self but need more details IE creation date, ISP used, i spoke to the live chat they gave me a email to send some info to, i have waited over 3 weeks for a reply 

(there is proff of livechat screenies in a PM, will add Mod into chat who accepts the appeall]

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On 3/19/2017 at 3:50 PM, Lord Charlie said:

Seems if a mod asks they get a reply, it's took me over 3 weeks to get a response a soon as disputed was opened there was a reply? If a mod could speak directly to them about a recovery? If can't be recovered what is the other options as a lot of work has been put into the account

I'll tell Maldesto to pm him directly.

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