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32 minutes ago, roklobster315 said:

I just see numbers lost now when that happens, I do check to see if its 2 day since I get that alot now.

Was only 2 day


36 minutes ago, turkoize said:

GF. What were you botting?



1 hour ago, daamurda said:

rest in pepperonies my sweet prince:doge:


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5 hours ago, DevilApes said:

Comments on my shit saying "you botted and got banned, stop crying"


the next day does the same thing. Logical 

I could care less about getting banned you sorry sap. 




Also i said this, literally almost defending you form somewho who DID say that, ya autistic.


15 hours ago, Yarran1017 said:

wow noob l2bot

jk but 4 reals how long did you bot each day? did you go ham?

10h/p night

Edited by Hohmie
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