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Cannot decrement price by -5% (in Grand Exchange) using widgets!


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OSBot Version (do NOT put "current version", be specific)


2. A description of the issue. Include relevant logs.


So first of all I thought it was my code but then I realized it wasn't. No matter what widget I use, it still doesn't do anything. 

Using https://puu.sh/sSe3M/c432cb5bcc.png  465,23,10 

Using https://puu.sh/sSe58/b54609158b.png 465, 24,50

Both of them don't seem to work. 

I called them both with 

widgets.interact(465,23,10,"-5%");  and widgets.interact(465,24,50,"-5%"); 

Then it goes all weird, the mouse goes crazy then it sells the item without decrementing the price (and it waits there endlessly as it doesn't sell). So I'm not sure what's up with that, am I doing something wrong? 

If you want to know, I use Slot_2 for selling my items. If you want a video about it, I can supply. But If you try it on your own, you'll see that it screws up. 

I tried with "5%", "-5%" and "%" (just for the lulz to see if it would change) and nothing changed. I'm still not sure what's wrong though. 

3. Are you receiving any errors in the client canvas or the logger? 


4. How can you replicate the issue?

by calling  widgets.interact(465,23,10,"-5%");  or widgets.interact(465,24,50,"-5%"); 


5. Has this issue persisted through multiple versions? If so, how far back?

Not sure, only tried it with 2.4.102

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You called:


but in your screenshot it show it as 465, 24, 10. Also these hard coded widgets will probably break sooner than later, get used to searching for widgets instead of using static ids.


Also in the future please post in the scripting help section.





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