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Trying to Post pics,


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how do i do that? .txt is the only thing i cant save them as...

1. Save your image as either a .png, .jpg or .jpeg

2. Upload the image to an image hosting website, for example imgur

3. Copy the image url (that is the url with the .png, .jpg behind it)

4. Click the image icon 0cf16b1e0b962f60429a2c709add931e.png when posting and paste the copied url



Alternatively you can also just put the image url between the image tags like in the example below:

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I do want to sell my account, i guess ill keep training it till i get 100 posts, but i wanted to do a price check ultimately to see what my work is worth, i started the account last summer and havent had time. plus im not far from 100 at all, and thank you so much Dex for knowing exactly what i needed. you tha real mvp








awesommee thank you everybody!

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