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[FREE] Doric's Quest || Fully automated


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Doric's Quest




Download Link



Hey, I'm in the proccess of making fully automated scripts and decided to share this one with you. Feel free to use it. I did this cause I didn't find a free Doric's quester that's fully automated (most scripts usually require to have the materials before the quest). Correct me if I'm wrong.


Why to use this script


* Gives you that lovely quest point

* Great quest if you want to gain starting mining XP (1.3k)




* Checks if you have the ores in your bank on start

* Mines clay and copper at Rimmington mine

* If your mining level is 15 or more, mines iron at Rimmington mine

* If your mining level is less than 15, checks if you have the money to buy iron at GE

* If you don't have the coins, mines clay to sell for coins

* Sells clay and buys iron (or just buys the iron if you have the coins)

* Checks the current prices via API

* The script uses OSBot webwalking, so you can start it anywhere on the Runescape surface.


 If you don't have a pickaxe in your inventory/bank Doric will give you one at the start of the quest


Known issues


* If you don't have a pick in your bank/inventory and you've already started the quest and lost the pick that Doric gave you. Then the scipt won't get you a pickaxe[

* The mining isn't the best. If someone mines the ore that you are mining, the bot will continue to animate until timeout is over. No problem if the rock area is clear.




Download the jar and place it in Osbot/Scripts folder in C:\Users\%YOUR_PC_NAME%\


If you find any bugs or have any suggestions feel free to post them on this thread or contact me.

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