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Pc 2 accounts.


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level 34: 40 attack, 57 strength, 61 range, 63 mage, 14 hp, 1 defence, 1 pray done all the quest for 40 attack, and did all the easy diary that i could do with 1 def 1 pray its halo has Halo  and 56 agility 79 fishing from barb fish and i also did 1-61 cannon aswell which is why im 14 hp (did few quest so you can either stay F2P pure with prodded stats or turn it into p2p pure or whatever build you want)






lvl 78: 40 att 40 def 94 str 90 range 31 prayer 85 hp 77 magic.  f2p rune pure if you love that you would love to use that account in no arming with rune risk.  can max 16s(range) 30 (2h)

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nice accounts, the first one with your rep would be 15mish ( can be made into a rusher easily ) 


2nd account (rune pure) is a nice account, none the less I'd say 60m, if it was quested attack and defence, 100m, it could be made into a zerk or other

15-20m because of my reputation lol? do you even realise halo is 40m off the start and the stats lol well no matter i was just curious

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