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Zyzzbra fat loss log


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So since ive been becoming increasingly fat, ive decided i want to cut down / lose weight / lose fat. Not really happy with my body atm. I just feel big but in reality im a fat bloated mess.

9 february, length 185 cm weight 104.5 kg: http://imgur.com/a/yzfCc

8 march,  weight 98.5 kg (-6 kg): http://imgur.com/a/0jYdK




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lol it's gonna be hard to smash a super lean diet. Just eat less. Go to your doctor and say you'd like a duromine prescription as you've gained an uncontrollable appetite from your work schedule hours.

yw 4 ez weightloss


I know it will be hard, so this is also to show myself than i can stick to a diet and that i have discipline / willpower. Also, getting prescriptions in Netherlands is hard. I do use modafinil quite regurly which also supresses my appetite. Cafein same. 


Gl dont give up!


Thanks man! 

good luck homie you got this

Thx,much appreciated


You don't look that fat. But I guess your belly bump shows when you wear tucked in buttondown shirts.



Ye, im not super fat but compared to a couple months lel. And yea belly shows when wearing tight shirts or button down, especially when i sit down. 

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why are you hitting only chest and trip twice a week ? and also dont skip leg day feels.png


U should also try to read into intermittent-fasting if your having trouble with ur current cut biggrin.png



Also goodluck biggrin.png


Because developing a better chest has priority, chest has always been lacking.  Also will be doing side lateralls on chest days probaly, because i also want bigger shoulders. 


Legs are least important to me, since im not a bodybuilder. I dont want my legs to grow much more, since finding decent fitting pants will get harder each time i gain more size on them. 


I am aware of intermittent fasting, most of time my first meal is in the after noon.  


Thx for the input.



Good luck man, hope all goes to plan.

Ty men. 

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