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road to ban or a baby obby mauler (banned)


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I was selfish and botted thru the update on thursday and was banned....restarting my goal as of now. will update with new topic around the third day so no more premature bans






Pretty much trying to make a baby obby mauler. Why a baby mauler you may ask, because i like low level neck risks and i wanna see if i can bot one without ban. Before any combat training im working on getting a halo cuz duhh fashinscape, and in between training combat and getting gloves slayer ect. i will be working on 99 herblore because duhh fashinscap.



                                1 attack (achieved obvi)

                                                                         60 str

                                                                        99 herblore

                                                                        Halo from castle wars (300 tickets)



                                                                        Day 1

                    I am working on halo and have 11/300 tickets




                                                       Day two

                                           still working on halo!@ prolly gonna take me a week and sadly im going to my parents for the weekend so i wont be botting more then likely.... currently at 56/300 tickets! also got 12 str from cwars lmfao! slow grind to start hopefully can take a small break from cwars tomorow and do some str by hand then weekend off and fucking grind next week!!!! let me know if theres anything i should do lmao





credits: using a private script from @imateamcape works amazing and could never do it legit QwPha8E.png






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