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Need help with dynamic walking


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To start I'm new to java but I"m trying my best to learn as best I can.



I'm currently working on a script that when you spawn in the instance you have a different location every time.

( some of you might know what I'm doing ahah )



I haven't been able to find any really suitable walking guides/snippets that fit into the specific needs I have.



I need to be able to put in in :

1) Start X

2) Start Y

3) Choose 4 position the map to get me around -35 Y, X doesn't really matter.


Current bit of code I was using to get the job done.

as I said its crude as I just haven't been able to get anything else to work as I need it to.


Any suggestions / code snippets I could use to improve on my talking method


Any help/tips/pointers would be appreciated.

                while (count < 4){
                       startY-= 9;
                        Area MONSTERS = new Area(startX, startY, startX, startY);

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Sounds like you are doing MTA mazes. Did I guess right? 


When I was doing work in instanced areas, you can use the location of fixed objects as anchors. You can also use them to identify which instance you are in.


I would use minimap tiles for all navigation, since the webwalker sometimes does strange things in instances. 

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