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Massive List of Quests

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Nature Spirit
Fairytale Pt 1
Fremennik Trials
Recruitment Drive
Family Crest
The Feud
Ghost's Ahoy
Merlin's Quest
Holy Grail
Ichtlarin's Little Helper
Jungle Potion
Making History
Monk's Friend
Murder Mystery
Shilo Village
One Small Favour
Sea Slug
A Soul's Bane
Tower of Life
Zogre Flesh Eaters
Observatory Quest
Olaf's Quest
Hazeel Cult
The Hand in the Sand
Enakhra's Lament
Elemental Workshop I

Elemental Workshop II

Shield of Arrav



I will request screenshots randomly and at the end of each quest. If I do not deem you trustworthy enough, I will leave you with little GP for supplies or I may even require you to supply the supplies and I will refund you at the end. 


I will not go first, we can use a Middleman if it deems necessary. 

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