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This may possibly be a stupid question but why is it that some people store RS2Objects/NPC's i.e 


I've always wondered is this bad coding or is there any benefit at all in doing this?

public class ClassName extends Script { 
private NPC npcName;
@[member=Override] public void onStart() {
npcName = getNpcs().closest(npc -> npc.getName().equals("Name") && npc.hasAction("Attack") && npc.getHealthPercent() > 0 && !npc.isUnderAttack());
public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException { 
if(npcName != null && !getCombat().isFighting() && !myPlayer().isUnderAttack() && !myPlayer().isInteracting(npcName)) {
//cond sleep etc
else { //else stuff
return int of choice;

I've seen some people doing this and from my understanding, they store the NPC name/filter conditions into the NPC variable that they create but in the onLoop() they'll call the variable and the pre-set filter conditions?


(Sorry if that doesn't make sense)


TLDR; why would people do this?

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