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Gallery Section

Credits to @Koy for some of the contents of this thread.


Here at OSBot, we want our artists to grow, posts such as 'great' '10/10' 'I like it' do not benefit the artist. When an artist posts here they are looking for support, feedback, and they are looking to improve.

General Rules

No spamming

  • No posts like 'good' '10/10' 'I like it', etc.
  • If you have more than one graphics to show off, create a gallery rather than multiple threads for each graphic

No Inappropriate Content

  • No images that contain porn, gore or offensive content, such as racism or attacks on other users
  • No trolling - Posting jokes with no purpose to the actual thread

To help an artist improve, here are some tips:

  • Be encouraging - Don't degrade an artist, build him up with polite, positive and direct feedback that is clear for the artists to learn and benefit from
  • Give suggestions - Offer ways to improve for the artist, point out flaws and ways they can be fixed. Use correct terminology to ensure the artist knows exactly what to improve on.

Doing things such as attacking the artist, pointing out flaws with artwork, but not following it up with a suggestion, or degrading the artist are not helping the graphic improve.


Atmosphere is used to describe the feeling of the tag. Whether it be the way the render interacts with the image, any effects you use to generate some kind of emotion or the use of warm/cold colours.
Colour is very important. It can set the mood, bring life to an image or take it away. It is recommended an artist understands the colour wheel to use colours efficiently.
Composition is the arrangement of everything. How effects flow with one another, how images blend or how colours flow.
Contrast is all about your tag's light and dark spots. Contrast is made with opposites (i.e. if you placed a light blue beside a light orange).
Depth is about how flat your image is. A tag with good depth might contain foreground, middle ground and background. Depth can really help when you want bring something to the viewers attention (i.e. you might want the foreground to be more eye catching the then background).
The term effects is simply used to reference things such as use of splatter brushes, C4Ds, rendered lighting, soft brushes, etc.
Flow is how your tag moves together and you generally want your tag to flow towards the focal point. Flow is very important to make your tag's various parts blend together and "fit" each other. 
Focal is the main feature of the tag, where you want the viewer to be drawn to. Focal is easily one of the most important parts of a tag, as it is what the viewers will focus on.
Lighting is the implementation of light sources. This also includes how shadows are done to complement the light source. Lighting can make or break a tag.

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