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  1. Mald reply on skype please. Show me this thread: 


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    2. Maldesto
    3. Czar


      axldeth which script are you talking about and what is your problem. I will fix it. Please pm me any bug report and I will fix it like I do to all my users.

    4. PKDealer


      Perfect figther , lucky for me was the only script i buy from u and still have all issues i tell u on pm(WICH PROBABLY U DIDNT READ) or just check the thread there is a lot of ppl with the same problems that me, maybe more problems that me, I will give u a nice advice @Czar u MUST do i guied to use this script so everyone can understand how it really should work, need more info about all the updates u need to do, the script has work for me in the past but for now it is not and i hope u can make those 10$ i paid for ur script worth, i really hpe u do the work needs to be done on the script

  2. Guys I am away for 48 hours due to travelling by car - if you have any queries or any script requests/bugs/errors/suggestions please wait until I return home - hopefully not too much trouble and thank you for understanding ^^ :D 

  3. Hang in there guys, the forum should be fully functional very soon. Some czarscripts threads may be invisible or the title may have disappeared, but the client and scripts are still fully functional.


    Feel free to ask for free extended trials (up to 100 hours) until everything is back to normal. Any script :) I will also be taking custom script requests in the meantime.

    1. Czar


      If there are any bugs for any scripts of mine, PM me they will be fixed within minutes.

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