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Alan's Feedback

  1. BulkTrader left Negative feedback   


    Alan was The Buyer

  2. CyanSales left Positive feedback   

    Was fast service, He went first. TY

    Alan was The Seller

  3. botman911 left Positive feedback   

    Good buyer i sold him 10m osrs gp no problems transation was over in mins.

    Alan was The Seller

  4. Simon left Positive feedback   

    Excellent Trade. +1.

    Alan was The Seller

  5. Divica left Positive feedback   

    sold me 9m 07 via pp, ty :)

    Alan was The Seller

  6. Incendiax left Positive feedback   

    Quested Mithril Gloves for him. Friendly and positive experience. +1

    Alan was The Buyer

  7. Anon left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 9m! I went first Very Trusted A+++++

    Alan was The Buyer

  8. Incendiax left Positive feedback   

    Did Death Plateau for him, provided me with items. +1

    Alan was The Buyer

  9. xNeyaa left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a signature :) Nice guy.

    Alan was The Buyer

  10. lolyou1337 left Positive feedback   

    thx for the acc

    Alan was The Seller

  11. 2pac left Positive feedback   

    sold him 2m osgp, fast and easy, thanks

    Alan was The Buyer

  12. Divica left Positive feedback   

    Bought 18m 07 from him via pp, ty :)

    Alan was The Seller

  13. ScorpioZ left Positive feedback   

    Sold membership pin

    Alan was The Buyer

  14. Seller left Positive feedback   

    Bought 7m EoC, went smooth.

    Alan was The Seller

  15. Seller left Positive feedback   

    Went smooth, ty

    Alan was The Buyer

  16. uppatenmacka left Positive feedback   

    smooth exchange, ty

    Alan was The Buyer

  17. Rausch left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction, Instant delivery. Will buy from again. A+ Highly recommend!

    Alan was The Seller

  18. Notorious BIG left Positive feedback   

    quick smooth transaction.

    Alan was The Seller

  19. Lucky Charms left Positive feedback   

    sold 8m.

    Alan was The Seller

  20. Baller left Positive feedback   

    Did barcrawl miniquest for him!

    Alan was The Buyer

  21. csplayer left Positive feedback   

    Really good seller... he's trustable !

    Alan was The Buyer

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