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  1. Hey this bot isn't working for me. Not sure what i am doing wrong but I don't want to keep trying and get banned. Can i have my $20 back?
  2. May I have a trial please Czar?
  3. May i get a free trial for this please?
  4. Does this script have the ability to consume stamina potion while doing rooftops? I can't figure it out in the settings
  5. Teak trees on isle of souls. I was on resizable resolution, and it seems like when I switched to classic it works fine. Also side-note, soul wars / isle of souls isn't on your map because i tried to select the trees that way as well. Thanks for the help. Another thing I noticed, and someone else mentioned it a while back, was south of castle wars, if I'm chopping a teak tree there. After a couple of logs the bot will begin running back and forth. It seems to be related to the upgrade axe button, because it doesn't look like that happens when I have that box unchecked.
  6. When I use select from screen, the client runs super slow and won't let me pick click on any of the trees. Any solutions?
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