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  1. This script is very buggy, i have bought it almost a week ago and for 2 days straight it wasnt working, now they 'released' new version that kinda fixed it, but whilst on ice giants bot starts going for skeleton wyverns / up on next level. Not to mention it used up all my varrock tabs that was in inventory, then it went to do the bank >.> I had requested a refund since it wasn't working 48 hours even after this shit will get you banned fast
  2. When is your V2.50, I could not use the bot since I have bought it 2 days ago..
  3. Can you freeze or restart my membership on your new version release? I haven't used it over 48 hours and I'm paying monthly..? To reply to Juggles I tried every setting you have....
  4. Can't seem to get this going, when i press start it just starts to use up my varrock tabs? I paid over 24 hours ago and still cant use it?
  5. Hey dude! Possible to try this out please?
  6. Thought Id give this a 4th go, wake up in morning to your bot just standing around by a wall when it was told to kill cow / loot cowhide at falador. I had 2 other accounts banned due to this. Doesn't seem the most 'perfect' fighter script for the money.
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