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  1. Not a problem, patiently waiting
  2. I can't seem to get the custom reload threshholds to work when using a custom spot, other than that, works flawlessly.
  3. Yes, using mirror mode, and yes I have that check box checked. (the override box) My concern being it alchs at near perfect efficiency and I'm lookin to take things slow and hopefully make things last. I'm new so forgive the naivete, haha
  4. Anyone else have trouble setting delays for the alchs?
  5. Personally wish this script would see a lil love but it works great. Anyone know any worlds though?
  6. Trying to price something out. Send me a few. It's on a main. No locks.
  7. Looking to purchase/trade gp or USD for level 3 tutorial accounts or some type of account creation script. Pretty new here, can't seem to figure out an efficient way to create/obtain accounts.
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