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  1. Yea thats for sure, but I hoped that there can be some trusty middle man to help with transaction.. we will see how it goes another problem is, that i dont plan to sell tons of accounts, i just wanted to make few m gp also I don't understand that 100posts rule.. like how should i get them without spamming also i dont really understand how you can recover account, when even mail address which comes with account is not even created. user which will buy acc will create that mailbox himself so he doesnt need to register new email
  2. hi, why so? because I played on it or because i have opened crates? but yeah, i would gladly sell it for 100m maybe even little less
  3. Hi Khal, can i get trial for this please ? p. s. : already bought wintertodt script and it is amazing!
  4. Hi, i know i cant sell acc here, until i got 100 posts, but i just want to know its price I have made 99 FM HCIM, played it a bit, but got bored really fast. It has ardy cape, 25 qp, few other quests started and gathered resources for them, around 600 total level, 600k+ gp in bank, pheonix, d axe, full pyro (got 3 full pyro sets, traded them for crates), tome of fire Email is not registered nor created, you can create it yourself. It has right now more than 3 weeks of membership. I just want to know what is price of an account like this. Thanks!
  5. Hi Khal, it will be better to drop one log/kindling, because you can have for example stackable food, or cake, or sara brew. And for ironman it is better to try to solo WT, because you will get much more free construction XP.
  6. Hi, just bought the script and i found a bug. It tries to pick herb to create potion even if it doest have inventory space so it gets stuck... it will run from herb to brazier endlessy accomplishing nothing.. other than that, awesome script. one more thing, could you add option to create multiple potions at once? it sucks when soloing
  7. Hi Token, can i get trial? thanks
  8. Hey Khal, any chance of getting that trial? script looks awesome thanks
  9. Hi Khal, can i get trial please? Thanks!
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