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  1. Works like a charm, thanks!
  2. ThaBear

    Fruity NMZ

    I did, and it uses the spec weapon without issue.
  3. ThaBear

    Fruity NMZ

    Great work on the bot man, been using it a ton. Today for the first time I tried setting up the bot to use a spec weapon and power surge. It uses the spec weapon (dragon dagger) without issue but it won't let me tick the power surge option, only the other two orbs.
  4. Mine is doing the same thing. Worked like a charm all day yesterday but I went to boot it up this morning and nothing.
  5. Hey man, could I get a trial please?
  6. I think it was just at 0%. I'll give it another go tonight, is there a setting you recommend for it?
  7. ThaBear

    Perfect Agility

    On the Seers course, the bot will sometimes missclick the deposit box inside the bank and get stuck there.
  8. Using the trial now, seems awesome. One thing that wasn't so awesome is when it ran out of special energy it continuously switches between the inventory and spec tab over and over. Edit: Just noticed the guy above me had the same issues. Tried restarting but still does the same thing. I'll just have to use it without spec for now. Awesome script, will be purchasing.
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