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  1. ScamCityRS

    Fruity NMZ

    luck of the draw, breaks, and script settings and countless of other things to take into account, the new account i have there atm is 85/95/85 and had a lot of luck with it so far. until this, went to go repair dh and i had enough to repair the armour, which it did, but it had 10k in inventory and it just sat there for who knows how long, so maybe that's something to look out for?
  2. Hit me up on discord or pm me here! BM4RS#8862 644343905760051235
  3. I got some ^^ If you still need that is
  4. ScamCityRS

    Fruity NMZ

    yeah i got banned on two accounts using this over the weekend; mirror - new mouse both accounts were decently leveled and well quested, running a few dreams between breaks guess it wasnt realistic enough idk any recommendations?
  5. I suck and wasn't able to use the trial
  6. Liked and ready for a trial when you are!
  7. doing canifis roof top atm, getting 7k/hr seems to get stuck alot? Also, what would your recommendation be to get 70 or 80 agility? or what is a rough guideline for botting if trying to not suicide and get bans?
  8. If you're running for a main account how likely is the main to get banned if it isn't on a bot client?
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