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Ariba's Feedback

  1. VUE UNIT left Positive feedback   

    Great service and fast delivery

    Ariba was The Seller

  2. mr swami g left Positive feedback   

    Awesome experience, thanks Ariba!

    Ariba was The Seller

  3. guggles1 left Positive feedback   

    quick and easy transaction, very fast! thanks!

    Ariba was The Seller

  4. MrsCorona left Positive feedback   

    Was a little bit slow and kind of made me nervous but these guys are legit! Just bought the 25m package and they even confirmed it was me who they were trading.

    Ariba was The Seller

  5. OneGhost left Positive feedback   

    bought 100m

    Ariba was The Seller

  6. yipeekiyay left Positive feedback   

    I love AribaGold! The only source I trust!

    Ariba was The Seller

  7. iBwick left Positive feedback   

    A+ SELLER!

    Ariba was The Seller

  8. SeeMyNats left Positive feedback   

    Very quick and easy to use

    Ariba was The Seller

  9. Riptor98917 left Positive feedback   

    Great service fast cheap and always easy to work with

    Ariba was The Seller

  10. hanibal76 left Positive feedback   

    best value, competetive rates, saved me countless hours

    Ariba was The Seller

  11. VMultiuso left Positive feedback   

    Bought 10m. Very fast support!

    Ariba was The Seller

  12. SneakyFish5 left Positive feedback   

    Bought 10m OSRS, easy and fast trade. Thanks!

    Ariba was The Seller

  13. pSkizz left Positive feedback   

    Meghan was fast and easy! Bought 81m

    Ariba was The Seller

  14. yipeekiyay left Positive feedback   

    The best source for my Osrs needs! Thank you Ariba!

    Ariba was The Seller

  15. herorhimrs left Positive feedback   

    Bought 15m fast as always! Would recommend as always!

    Ariba was The Seller

  16. shotta007 left Positive feedback   

    Good seller +1

    Ariba was The Seller

  17. yupkick left Positive feedback   

    Vouch, great service

    Ariba was The Seller

  18. cudizi left Positive feedback   

    can vouch, good service

    Ariba was The Seller

  19. VMultiuso left Positive feedback   

    Nice service!

    Ariba was The Seller

  20. yuko22 left Positive feedback   

    GREAT SERVICE AS ALWAYS from meghan from ARIBA omg

    Ariba was The Seller

  21. hotyute left Positive feedback   

    Good service will do business again.. thanks meghan

    Ariba was The Seller

  22. stopthebunk left Positive feedback   

    ALGOS help me with my transaction and made it simple and easy thanks.

    Ariba was The Seller

  23. Aiid left Negative feedback   

    Ariba gold is a scamming website. Their website told me that I would recieve 10M for $6.74 USD before a paypal fee of 3.9%. I was also given a 2% off discount. Which means I would get the gold for $6.74 + 1.9% which equals $6.87 USD after fees. When I select the paypal option the live chat agent then directed me to a completely different website where the base price of the gold is $7.10 and requires me to create an account. Then when I proceed to checkout, the price of gold rises to $9.80 for 10

    Ariba was The Seller

  24. Shermwormy left Positive feedback   

    Ariba gold is quick and easy. Loved it for someone getting back into the game.

    Ariba was The Seller

  25. sheynai left Positive feedback   

    very fast, cool dude in live chat, like it so far! hope to see them all soon backup

    Ariba was The Seller

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