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  1. My stats are below click link. https://imgur.com/uEeCc9A need to get this done on my low level account please post prices and discord. Need someone hardworking and trustworthy Got loads of work needing done to this account.
  2. thank you for offer. cant deal with a twc user regardless of feedback sorry.
  3. let me know prices and discord
  4. Okay thank you , will wait to see what other offers i get from trusted users.
  5. Looking to get 90 defence done on my account Rules of service No botting allowed somewhat trusted person needed Stats needed 74-90 Defence needed. Please post price below and your contact method.
  6. Yes its safe , but paypal shit overall anyway.
  7. add my discord R12Services-#2517
  8. 2-3 bots would be safe for 1 ip address. 4 would be pushing it tbh.
  9. Add me on discord please. R12Services-#2517
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