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  1. Enjoy the sponsor bro.

  2. He had 10 posts...he spammed every one of them probably.
  3. I'm making free paints for your scripts! They look awesome, they are simple, yet advanced at the same time. They look nice, sleek and professional. You may choose between a chat box oriented paint, or a paint that is displayed on the Inventory. (I recommend the chat box) Here is my gallery of paints I've made in the past (Some aren't used, most are) If you want a free paint, just find me in the Chat, PM me, or reply here. My Skype is GeneralPew
  4. I want it for personal knowledge, interested to see the communities feedback on me. Vote in the Poll please, it's public, other members will be able to see who voted for what. Please be honest, you do not have to post if you don't want to, although, I'd like to see your reasoning for what you've voted. Thanks - Cummins.
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