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  1. 12m was refunded lol Sad to see staff being so rackless and letting some random person extort as little as couple mils from our service.
  2. Can do this for 6,8m. Discord lukkeis#0001
  3. lukkeis

    HCIM Quests

    Can do this for 24,8m. Discord lukkeis#0001
  4. Can do this for 39,7m. Discord lukkeis#0001
  5. lukkeis

    Acc Service.

    Can do this for 25m. lukkeis#0001
  6. lukkeis

    1-80 hunter

    Can do this for 84m. Discord lukkeis#0001
  7. Can do this for 14,4m (8gp/xp) via NMZ Prayer. Discord lukkeis#0001 have Ticket System.
  8. Can do this for 168m. Discord lukkeis#0001
  9. lukkeis

    range void

    Can do this for 23,8m. Discord: lukkeis#0001
  10. lukkeis

    Combat Skills

    Training Method: NMZ Prayer for Attack, Strength, Defence, Range and Bursting MM2 for Mage Timeframe: 2-4 weeks Price: 226,2m Total Discord: lukkeis#0001
  11. lukkeis

    70 - 75 mining

    Can do this for 15,1m.
  12. lukkeis

    2m slayer xp

    Can do this for 112m.
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