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  1. Idk if its viable or that easy to do. But I would love to see some more farming or hunter scripts on the sdn !
  2. Congrats man looking forward to see where you go with this script!
  3. Saw your proggies in the discord, looks good. Gl!
  4. Great script and replied within minutes of me asking a question!
  5. Seems interesting gave it a like, can I get a trial?
  6. Hi looking for price check on a level 20 combat 99 mining acc. Has full prospectors and a coal bag.
  7. Seems to work fine now script is great, might have just needed an osrs client reset!
  8. I don't know if its just me, but sometimes the script breaks at the Catherby bank. Like it doesn't bank and instead just sits there. I am on mirror mode with 50 reaction time
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