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  1. Im kinda new here, I use various other botting sites for my trading ect, but looks like certain websites are dead now... I will go first to trusted only.... Unless your paying middle man fees. I can verify who I am on other trading websites if needed, Payment Type: Uk bank transfer!! Contact me on discord: Lewiscass1234#3587
  2. ill do it for 1m only because i want the feedback =) Discord lewis#4445
  3. https://osbot.org/forum/profile/291671-gnomegg/ Discord: Sold him a 78 Range Account, Agreed price 10m i really Dubt im hes gonna give me the 10m so can you just ban his scamming ass of the website? I Have feedback on various other websites and i showed him that and i thought to myself go on risk it get a starting block on feedback for this website too otherwise i wouldnt of done it but eh shit happens,
  4. Trusted Only I Will Go First, Paypal $0.80 Per Million (LiteCoin $o.90) Per Million Discord: #lewis4445
  5. Discord: #lewis4445 i could do this,
  6. i can do this within fewhours discord #lewis4445
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