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  1. had to buy another one that actually works AIO construction works dont buy this garbage
  2. i bought ur stealth scripter and its not working ive message u about it and u havent pmed back i rly cba buy a new one... can i get refunded then?

  3. fucking worst bot ive tryed from u nothing works tryed all servents and diffrenet stuff
  4. https://prnt.sc/u6cg5y something wrong it doesnt use servents
  5. so i bought 20 accounts of @Koschei and i used 2 diffrenet proxies and all the 3 accounts i logged onto got insta locked, anyone know reason for this? any help helps:p
  6. dt and lunar are done, got piety. untradables: https://gyazo.com/4b19322bb78c1ad94f171ebe1e2968a1 stats: https://gyazo.com/91fb754cec64c32dd56f4fc34013491d cb: https://gyazo.com/3ad18aaa0af6fc590cd43a375ea320fc quests: https://gyazo.com/ef63cf54894985f2003ba6c4c64822cc pm me or post about price, best offer gets it, we can do middleman if u dont wanna go first, you pay the middleman fee
  7. so im not 100% on what to get, im gonna start gold farming but idk if i sould get , if anyone have a good suggestion on a vpn that does the work
  8. what vpn u use? if anyone else have a good vpn for gold farming pls pm me:)
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