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  1. looking for a kid to do some services for me just random shit occasionally maybe few times a week or something drop ur skypes
  2. 14m will all be done in 24 hours or less
  3. ill do it, pm me whatever you think is a fair price
  4. i probably wouldnt but better than free google proxy hell
  5. ill sell u a 1year privateinternetaccess account, has 9months left
  6. codeine while coding will make the code flow through ya fingers
  7. 57.5m can use middleman
  8. how do you play this edit: its on steam if anyone is wondering and no u dont need a vr headset
  9. prolly cuz ur such a cunt on the forums
  10. sounds like someones scamquitting in the future just cuz u would scam someone if u needed money doesnt mean everyone else would
  11. better be careful if ur botting hunter on ur main ;) np lmk if ya need to know anything else u can just pm me
  12. if ur planning on getting elite void its def worth it for melee and range, i dont have the mage helm on my main its worthless imo id rather have void staff than mage helm
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