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  1. Was it worth it though? Your knees must be killing you
  2. Make sure you have Adblock off on these forums, you can't see pictures if you have it on.
  3. Like the others say, it doesn't last one year. I have a few accounts that received a 2 day ban. That date just means if it happens again before that date, they're not giving you a slap on the wrist this time.
  4. Not working at all for anyone in this thread
  5. Some questions are best left alone...not even one of the countless triple letter agencies could manage to get anywhere near deciphering that.
  6. Kitty. The most cunning and fearless warrior of the house.
  7. How you want me to meet you if I can't open OSBot
  8. Slow down there slugger, I'm not your bruh. My bruh doesn't go around with an e-pepe the size of horse.
  9. Gotcha. I lasted used it about 8 months ago. That sucks, it definitely could've been the best script. Imagine the income if he set a monthly price and kept adding more scripts.
  10. I want to know EDIT1: As long as I don't need to join a cult or anything EDIT2: I may regret wanting to know...
  11. Slow down there chief. You're on a game forum, there's a good number of gamers who use female characters and put hot girls in their profile pictures, that way they can get messages from guys about how hot they are. I guess that turns them on or something. Doing an image search which took five seconds revealed....Rhia Olivia. If you google that name and press images it's right there. You little horn dog.
  12. Agreed. It's completely ridiculous and stupid. You're right, but international debt collectors can reach a whole lot of countries. Just looking up a few they can easily do 130-140+. Chances are they live in one of the countries that they be sent to
  13. Personally, I'd bot, only because I've done those quests a million times and I'd hate to repeatedly do it on every botting acc. Um. Again, I've seen a lot of people fine, but a lot have been banned. I'd imagine you'd be fine if you only bot those quests and not every quest. It's botting and there's a risk for anything you do. If you're that low on money and worried about a ban, I'm not trying to freak you out, but botting does take some trial and error. One ban can teach you not to do something at all or teach you to do it differently.
  14. Definitely do quests...Waterfall, Tree gnome village, fight arena, the grand tree are good.
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