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  1. It was an error on my side sorry.
  2. No everything was built by the bot, I started it at level one.
  3. Getting stuck trying to make a room for a butler. INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:47:52 AM]: opening bank [INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:47:56 AM]: success [INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:47:57 AM]: caching bank [INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:47:58 AM]: building oak larders with butler [INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:47:58 AM]: building servant requirements [INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:47:58 AM]: banking [INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:47:58 AM]: withdrawing item: 2 Bolt of cloth [INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:48:01 AM]: withdrawal succeeded [INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:48:01 AM]: caching bank [INFO][Bot #1][03/15 12:48:02 AM
  4. Dettsa


    I wonder how much effect they have on the price of gold.
  5. I don't believe in coincidence when it comes to my money.
  6. Dettsa


    Hello my botting brother
  7. I got like 32m what would you offer for that?
  8. I have 3x 100 cards and 1x 50 card looking for bitcoin. These cards come with proof of purchase, they are not carded like e-cards often are. I will send the code to you once i scratch off the back of the card. NOTHING IS BEING MAILED PHYSICALLY. I prefer all deals to be done with a middle man.
  9. Inslts hold no weight then they are 600 meters off target buddy.
  10. I don't watch anime, the avatar looked decent that's as far as my interest for this goes. Also liking anime has no direct correlation to being obese, you imbecile.
  11. No need to scam, I have a real job with real income. I don't need to depend on runescape services to buy anything I want. What's it like being obese?
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