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  1. Not really done updating this, but the farm has not really been operational at the moment due to some problems. We will update once its back up and things are running smooth again.
  2. Update on our farm: This week we took a break from the new farming method. We are hoping to be back up at it again shortly. In the meantime we are looking into other farm ideas. Last week was pretty rough so we needed some time to try and figure some things out.
  3. Good luck with the farm man! I hope you can keep it up
  4. Yay, Sig is looking good! Now we just need to get the farms rolling again since worlds are less laggy now and more stable.
  5. Ok, so we have successfully finished up our first full week/weekend with the farm we are running. The week has been tough due to server DCs, bug fixes in the farm, and just getting things up and running 100%. We stopped the farm a couple hours early due to a small issue from the server DC's, but we are more than happy with the first weeks results. We are looking into a solution to help combat all the issues we had from the shit servers. We ended the week with a grand total of 361.7M profits. Most of this came from the weekend, but we did make a small amount leading up to the weekend. During th
  6. Thanks for all the input, this will be super helpful for when I decide to jump on something! I considered AMD, but heard bad about them in the past. Regardless I will be waiting it out for now.
  7. He showed up in edge with a lvl 72 cb account wanting to fight a maxed main over his forum shenanigans LOLOLOL.
  8. Beginning goal is 1B/month total. But it is looking like we can do more. Just a good starter goal.
  9. Road to 1B/month here we go!
  10. GPU is purely there for dual monitor support and to have DVI outputs etc.
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