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  1. That’s not to bad @skillerkidos1 I didn’t have a clue I don’t even use it haha
  2. just wondering what this account would go for can give full ownership as the email login email doesn't exist zulrah ready, hunter pet, mage arena 1 dt done
  3. ellisw123#0573 pm me on discord as title says im looking for someone to do plague city - regicide for me
  4. How does it restock got stuck at g.e then restocks ores but doesn’t go back to blast furnace is it because I’m using mirror mode ?
  5. would say about 90-100m
  6. I just wrote hey on Skype that's me lol
  7. Buying maxed main unregistered email is preferred can pay osrs gp or can also pay PayPal ! Looking for around 200gbp or 350 - 400m post on here with Skype and il get hold of you as soon as I can thanks
  8. Oh didn't know that thought If had unregistered nothing could be done
  9. Has it got registered email and how muc do you want
  10. Looking to buy a medium main 100m no registered email is preferred send some pics of what you have
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