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  1. Im selling a obby mauler 25 attack 90 str 66 range 33 mage 80hp firecape account distroys the wild. Was sold to me as a baby from arcusgold and i can prove it looking for a good price tho.
  2. best obby i have ever pked on hands down. account was bought as a baby from arcus and can be proven. http://prntscr.com/b274gc http://prntscr.com/b274j7 auto win is 100m, account will proven to be by arcusgold aswell, thank you.
  3. if quested prob like 25m-30m
  4. id say 40-50m if just herblore, its def a nice cape tho. ratehr have a 13 prayer firecape.
  5. 30m, idk why people would want them tho.
  6. just slayer? 15m if its an lvl 3
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