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  1. add me on skype i will never deny a pm kiwi.pommy
  2. Is registered but youd get the creation email with it
  3. He said rune gloves not barrows gloves lol
  4. Hey man just lowered aw to get rid of it full hand trained b gloves few days members left
  5. Still Selling hit me up with offer!!! Edit :85 strength (will continue to go up as i do slayer!)
  6. Still after zerkee i have one witg bgloves
  7. Hey man a 42 def 60 att pure 94 mage barrows gloves etc pm me if interested
  8. hey man you still looking ?
  9. still got gold?


  10. hey laps need BTC so i can buy gta 5 and have rest for other stuff for me to buy i only take cash cause of that
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