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  1. JPS


    For those who don't understand.
  2. I came for the free orange juice
  3. Looks great. I'm glad someone is making this, the XP/H is insane for the level requirements!
  4. 23 hour log out is decent for the rs3 players. However have you seen the skillcape rework? LOL.
  5. JPS

    Who's ready

    Is it the spin off to breaking bad? I need to watch breaking bad first
  6. Second account banned at Catherby managed to get this screenshot just before I left it again.
  7. I've had 2 accounts banned in the last 12 hours. One making bow strings and the other fishing at catherby.. I've had 7 accounts banned in total now both on rs3 and 07. Chances that my IP is flagged? I may buy VIP just for the mirror mode lol.
  8. Personally I'd just buy a bond, however splashing does seem like a good idea.
  9. I am yet to have a 2 day ban, I've lost 3 accounts now. My fault though, I'll learn not to suicide at oak trees lol.
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