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  1. I also bought an account of this user in June. Account was recovered 2 days ago. Had the recovery email sent but didn't realize until i went to play. Cannot find the original for sale post but was a Zulrah/Main account with i play often. Messaged on PM but no response from the user. No evidence other than the email registered to the account has been changed to one that i dont recognize and the password doesn't work. Can supply discord chat logs too of the transaction. Image of initial contact of trade https://imgur.com/a/wYBTgrD
  2. not sure whats going on but the bot was working fine last night. try to run it and it goes through its start up and just stands there saying finished loading any ideas?
  3. yeah i like it way more than fortnite and pubg atm..feels not serious but fun at the same time
  4. i love the 100 series on netflix/popcorn time - definitely worth the investment
  5. Hey guys, looking for a price check as the title says.. stats are; https://imgur.com/a/ZYCttYW
  6. Yes they gave me all the recovery details which implied they were original owners.
  7. Account Link - https://osbot.org/forum/profile/240652-emelie/ (Thread is no longer) Explanation: Due to the 3rd time of having an issue with this account, ive decided to dispute the issue as the seller has pretended to be helpful but in the end doesnt care. I purchased a Zulrah account from the above person. The account name was FireOnTheF. When i bought the account, it was recovered within a week by the sellers "brother" and all items on the account were sold. To his credit, the seller refunded the gold amount of the items and returned the account. At this point i asked for the recovery questions for the account and they were supplied. Next issue was the fact that the account got BANNED due to botting (which i didn't do on the account). I again contacted the seller and they got the ban sqaushed. Everything was good, I had items and good gear on the account. After a while of not playing i decided to log in and check the account and play a bit of OS. To my surprise the account had been recovered AGAIN! I was annoyed and I went back through my discord logs only to find the recovery details. I tried the most recent password and I was able to login to the account. All my items were there and it hadn't been touched yet. I was able to buy a bond, remove my items and change the account name (from FireOnTheF to WhyuRecover) to show the seller i knew they took it. Clearly they realized that i knew because the password has been changed again so I cannot access the account. Since the seller has not responded to my requests again, I left a negative feedback on their account to which the left one on mine. I've now had 3 issues with the account and 1 x neg review because of an untrustworthy sale. The account all up lost me 100m. (80m sale and 20m gear). EVIDENCE - IMAGE 0 - Initial Contact of Sale and Proof of Details <HIDDEN> IMAGE 1 - Unable to Logon https://imgur.com/a/lJ0pf5O IMAGE 2 - First time account was recovered https://imgur.com/a/717ScLM IMAGE 3 - Requesting recovery information <HIDDEN> IMAGE 4 - Evidence of Account Being Banned https://imgur.com/a/gw3u32h Unfortunately the password has been changed so im unable to show evidence of the username change or me on the account but here is a photo of the account FireOnTheF no longer on highscores to prove name was changed Image of the FireOnTheF no longer existing and the second image is the evidence i changed the name and character stats https://imgur.com/a/JaIrkdh EDIT - In my negative feedback they say they never touched the account since they sold it - evidence above in the discord messages that they did. Clearly they are dishonest and looking to cover their tracks.
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