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Dispute against PST

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Past accounts (if you know of any): @PST
Current account: PST
Reasoning: Payed him to do DT, got a majority of the value off my account but noticed he was kind of being fishy. Logged back in after I showered to find that he had sold all my items in the GE and traded them over. 







Random wealth he sold on the account, I also paid him 7m for the quest  to be done.


He got around 10m from me. Please ban him before he can scam anyone else.

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Banned him, sorry for your loss.

Okay, he did the same for me but with more money(I had no money on the account).

I paid him 15.75M for a bunch of quests:

  • SoA
  • Heroes
  • Legends
  • Merlins crystal
  • Dragon slayer
  • Family crest
  • shilo village
  • Holy grail
  • Murder mystery
  • Black knight
  • One small favour
  • King ransom

And would train some skills for me:

  • 52 Mining
  • 50 Woodcutting
  • 46 Herblore
  • 24-50 Smithingh


Could you make your own dispute for documentation, even though he's already banned it would be useful if he wishes to return and refund you.

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