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Big Quest List

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Black Knights Fortress

Dragon Slayer

Demon Slayer

The Knights Sword

The Digsite 10 herb 25 thiev

Pirates Treasure

Prince Ali Rescue

The Restless Ghost

Romeo Juliet

Rune Mysteries

Shield of Arrav

Vampire Slayer

Priest In Peril

Plague City


Clock Tower

Gertrudes Cat

Death Plateau

Druidic Ritual

Lost City 31 craft 36 wc

Nature Spirit

The Feud

Ghosts Ahoy

The golem

Shadow of the storm

The grand tree

fight arena

tree gnome village

horror from the deep

Animal mag 30 rng 18 slay 19 craft 35 wc

big chompy 5 fletch 30 range

in search of myreque

in aid of myreque 15 mining 25 crafting

jungle potion

mountain daughter

murder mystery

recruitment drive

sea slug 30 fm

shilo village 20 craft

troll Stronghold

troll romance


witches house

Zogres 30 rng 30 fletch 4 smith 8 herb

1-40 Ranged

1-53 Thieving

1-36 Wc

1-31 Crafting

1-30 Fm

1-18 Slayer

1-10 Herb

1-30 Fletch


Above are the skills and quests ill need ill be knockiing em off until i find the right person to do it let me know ur price via osgp and time frame and if ur going first thanks



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