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pricecheck on my main

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again like my other acc im not looking to sell, just want an estimate on how much my accs worth.


current stats: http://puu.sh/pfMoh/38e8c9bad5.png


104 combat

i have:

fire cape, full void with all 3 helmets, full gracefull, full prospectors, Slayer helm (i) Fighter torso, unholy book, 

barrows gloves,

a lot of untradeables like rainbow phat, gnome child hat etc. http://puu.sh/pfMv5/d7883d26d6.png


Quest points: 196 with full recipe of disaster, Desert treasure, a few of the other hard quests.


might also have other stuff i forgot to notice.


again im not selling the account i just want a price check.

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