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What is the difference between this

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MSI Founders edition gtx 1080



What is so significant about it being "Founders edition" is it just for show?


Also, will they ever make a regular version meaning MSI making a 1080 gtx which has the red/black colour scheme as I always loved msi for having that color scheme lol

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Other than the specification differences listed below? 





Maybe its the same with the 970? The MSI 970 always has it's fan on, but the nvidea one only turns its fan on if it is needed, when gaming etc

What i was meant to say is you know all the gfx companies are listing it under "Founders edition" is there gonna be a regular version in which idk matches there old ones for eg MSI founder edition gtx 1080 (the one listed above is like a silvery colour) will they ever make a regular one which has the red and black colour scheme?

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