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Any other way to hover an Action?

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I've come up with two ways to hover an action, both have ups and downs.

The first was lag free, but not the most effective so I ditched this and came up with this as my second attempt, however it lags slightly whenever it pulls up the menu.

            int menuActionNumber = getMenuAPI().getMenuIndex(menuName, menuAction);

         if (!canLoot && menu.isOpen() && menuActionNumber >= 0)  {
            int minOptionX = menu.getX();
            int maxOptionX = minOptionX + menu.getWidth();
            int minOptionY = menu.getOptionRectangle(menuActionNumber).y;
            int maxOptionY = minOptionY + 12;
            sleep(random(611, 711));
            mouse.move(random(minOptionX, maxOptionX), random(minOptionY, maxOptionY));

The if statement is the same for both attempts so if has to do with the body of the if statement that causes the lag.


If there is a more effective way to do this it would be much appreciated if someone could send me in the right direction.

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