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Gold Farm Botting / Private Methods / Private Script (purchase)

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Looking to start a botting farm of mine. Have done it in the past with gold amulets, death runes, p2p looting, flax, bowstring anything you can think of thats used.



Looking to go really in depth into it and not experience bans every 24 hours when the ban wave hits. Tips/suggestions appreciated. May make this into an update thread.


Lots of motivation and a race against time due to my poor irl experiences. Have start up capital (100m+)



Looking for private methods ( can pay of course ) along with private scripts and or both together or someone that can make them.


Please would be appreciated.



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There is no private methods, everyone on 07 rs knows the money making methods, there is no "secret" methods which only a few people know about. You need to find the methods which are least botted/not many people on rs are doing this method. Methods such as chinchompas or yews are almost instant bans. 

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