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gold farming script?

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So what I have is

*unlimited amount of time

*7 dedicated machines that can run 50 bots each

*irl cash to buy gold for each new account so buy bonds on it

*access to hundreds of proxies so I can basically run each bot on its own proxy



What I need is a gold farm script that

*is scale-able, so if there are hundreds of bots doing the same method, the income wont be effected.

*money making script that makes 350k/h

*A script that can restock itself and requires on input for weeks on end. I'm thinking ill just set up the break handler in a way where it takes frequent breaks but then takes a giant 10 hour break to pretend we're sleeping. 


That's about it. I need an idea. I investigated some things like nature runecrafting. and apparently it makes 165k an hour without abyss. and without energy giving stuff. I also investigated fungi and fungi is 300k an hour with breaks, but it requires like 5 quests. So unless I get a script that does 31 crafting, 36 woodcutting, and 5 quests, that's impossible. I could buy the accounts for that from suppliers, but since the suppliers use the same ip in website side account creation and client side questing, jagex will know the accounts are connected and might ban them a lot more sooner just because the creator did not use dedicated ip addresses. 


So does anyone have an idea for me to gold farm something?


Maybe pm me your id, and if it's super good and ill get a lot of money from it, i will be very generous. 

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I wouldn't really trust you paying me after you made a bunch of cash if I give you my private script who gives you 350k pr hr. Get some reputation smile.png

hey im interested pm me your skype

apparently i can't send a new message for a little while. 


well get vip first 



Well I basically have to, don't I? God damn it, im going to have a vip on every bot at this rate lol. 


well get vip first 

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