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Anivia Pure/ and starter main Account Shop !

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mith gloves requirements , atk quested , most mith gloves pre quest are done no mith gloves

accepting 07 gp

I'm oo of the account / Email

the account is free to play - 35M BIDS



Account have all requirements for DT but quest arent done account have only the feud druic ritual drawf cannon done and doric quest

Account have 100% green Melter

Accpter 07 GP

I'M oo of the account / EMAIL

Account is now Free to PLAY


Account Have Ava Atk Quested

100% Clean MElter

Accepting 07 GG

Fake Login Email / I'M OO of the Account/Email

Account is currently f2p


Atk quested / most requirments for mith gloves and pure quest are done / no ava

Account have 100% Melter

Accepting 07 GP

i'M OO / Email also

Account is Now F2p

More coming soon.

if you are looking to bid 5m just dont bid and go buy a bigmac Thanks

OLD Account #1 - #6 - #7 Sold Already

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