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Selling Multiple Quest Kits

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Why buy these kits? Who wants to sit at G.E and buy countless kits.. Smh, take the easy way. smile.png


~ Pre-requisites to Recipe for Disaster ~ 125k


~ Fishing contest
1x Garlic
1x Normal fishing rod
1x Spade
~ Goblin Diplomacy
3x Goblin mail
1x Yellow dye
1x Red dye
1x Blue dye
~ Demon Slayer 
25x Bones
~ The Golem 
1x Knife
4x Soft clay
1x Pestle and mortar
1x Papyrus
1x Vial
~ Shadow of the storm ~ Evil Dave
1x Silver bar
1x Vial
1x Pestle and mortar
1x Black wizard rope top
1x Black wizard robe bottom
1x Black wizard hat
~ Gertrude's Cat ~ Evil Dave ~
1x Raw sardine
1x Doogle leaf
1x Bucket of milk
~ Big Chompy Bird Hunting ~ Skrach Uglogwee ~
1x Chisel
1x Iron/Steel Axe
1x Knife
4x Wolf bones
150x Feather
~ Recipe for Disaster to Mithril Gloves ~ 125k
-Eye of newt
-Greenman's ale
-Rotten tomato 
-Fruit Blast 
--the Dwarf
-Bucket of milk
-Bowl of water
-4x Asgarnian Ale
--Goblin Generals
-Sliced Orange
-Blue Dye
-Fishing bait
-Bowl of water
--Pirate Pete
-Raw cod
-Pestle and mortar
-3 Bronze wire
--Evil Dave
-10 Stews
--Skrach Uglogwee
-Iron spit
-Ball of wool
~ Goblin Diplomacy ~ 50k
-Blue Dye
-Orange Dye
-3 Goblin Mails
~ Dragon Slayer ~ 100k
-3 Planks
-90 Steel Nails
-Unfired Bowl
-Wizard's Mind Bomb
-Lobster Pot
-Law Rune
-Air Rune
--Desert Treasure - 175k
12x Magic logs
6x Steel bars
6x Molten glass
1x Ashes
1x Charcoal
1x Blood rune
1x Normal bones
1x Chocolate cake
1x Climbing boots
1x Iron Bar
1x Garlic
20x Lockpicks 
1x Silver bar
1x Spice
1x Facemask
any extra lock picks, 1kea
~ Plague City ~ 75k
-Snape Grass 
-Chocolate Dust
-Bucket of Milk
-4 Buckets of Water
~ Monkey Madness ~ 75k
1x Ring of duelling
5x Energy potion(3)
1x Antipoison(3)
1x Ball of wool
1x Gold bar
1x Plank
1x Monkey bones
~ Animal Magnetism ~ 100k
1x Holy symbol
1x Mithril axe
1x Hammer
4x Bucket
4x Pot
4x Bones
5x Iron bar
1x Hard leather
1x Polished buttons
~ Horror from the Deep ~ 100k
-60 Steel Nails
-2 Planks
-Swamp tar
-Molten Glass
-Air Rune
-Water Rune
-Earth Rune
-Fire Rune
-Black Sword
-Iron Arrow
~ Death Plateau ~ 75k
- 1 Asgarnian Ale
- 10 bread
- 10 trout
- Iron bar
- Blurberry special
~ Imp Catcher ~ 60k 
1) Red bead
2) Yellow bead
3) Black bead
4) White bead
Might make a deal if more then 4 is purchased.
Pm, post, or Skype.
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