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Original account banned?


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that's the thing. i can log in and everything it just says "you dont have permission to do that" when i try to open anything after being logged in

Sorry, you don't have permission for that!



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But it won't let me click on anything. I am not having any luck tracking down the email i used to create it either, as I have several for work purposes.

UPDATE: I have recovered all of my information, found all of my receipts for purchased scripts, HOWEVER, my account still appears to be banned. If someone could look into this it would be great. I really have no idea what happened and i would love to get back to using the scripts i paid for!!!

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@Genii would you mind looking into this, you might want to pm him the account name and ask him about it. Not my area of expertise, but maybe check to see if the scripts expire, such as ones that you have to pay a recurring payment in order to use? Another thing is that there are a few scripts that the scripter has left.

I don't receive notifications when I'm mentioned like this by the way.

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