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Suicide Bot Tips?


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Hey folks, just curious on anyone's personal tips for suiciding money-making scripts..


To my knowledge the best strategy is:

-Mule often (2hrs)

-Weekends, or at least not Jagex working hours



Any thing I can add to the list? I have tested some different methods, ex - questing one, levelling one a bit... Seem to all get banned the same.


Is suicide almost always VERY quick bans? Or case-to-case basis?

(I didn't even make it 8 hours last time I tried, looking to gather knowledge before attempt #2)

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IMO stay away from the very popular bots... stick to ones that might make less but in general will keep you under the radar, think a little out of the box. I had 12 bots going at once, 2 sets of 6 bots doing 2 separate things, one group WC'ing the other fishing. All 6 fishers banned within 3 days, had my WC'ers in a not so popular spot yet they've been going for a week strong and atm around 70-75wc smile.png


I miss my fishers though.. fishing lobbies at karamja for good exp and decent gp for f2p.. would have made me a nice profit just didn't work out. Though they've been replaced :)

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