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Molly's Flax Spinner


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  • 3 weeks later...

The char still gets stuck at door and just updated my client so not sure what it is

It's the web walker, there is a thread about this issue in the Script Developers sub forum right now. I'm going to throw a temporary work around in for now, I had hoped the newest client update would have fixed the issue but it hasn't.


banned again

Sorry, that's the risk when botting.

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Would I be able to cover the costs of a bond before getting banned?

I've run this almost non stop, internet went down one night, over a weekend.  That was plenty to cover the cost of a bond I profited roughly 5M I believe. Keep in mind that was when bowstrings were around 140 each, they're a lot higher now.  It's safe to say you can make your money back from the bond easily.

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There's a bug where it thinks it's spinning flax, but it's actually not and just standing there. I think it accidentally attacked the man and died.

Enable the option to make all attacks be right click, I'll add a feature that makes the bot do this as well. Thanks for the bug report!


still working? does it spin in lumb?

Yes, and yes.

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